Do I Need to Avoid Probate?

Do I Need to Avoid Probate?

First, lets discuss what probate is.  It is a legal process of handling your affairs after you have passed.  If you have a will, you still will need probate if you have assets that need to be distributed.  The Court will appoint an Executor, who is in charge of distributing your property.  The court will oversee the distribution of the will. 

Why any one would want to avoid probate is simple: it is expensive, and it is public.  Common figures are thought to be 5% to 20% of your estate, depending on if it is contested or not, among other factors.  Another reason to avoid probate is it is very public. Anyone can view a Court file and see what assets you have, how much money, what property and where it went. 

Another reason to avoid probate is it is a burden on your loved ones.  There are quite a few simple things we can do to avoid probate and to avoid the burden of figuring out the distribution after your death.  Call our offices at (313) 945-9050 and talk to a Probate Lawyer to see what your options are.

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