Is A Will Enough For Me?

Is a Will Enough for Me?

A will is a document which directs how you would like your property passed down to your loved ones upon your death.  It can do many wonderful things, such as appointment of guardians for minor children, ensuring that a treasured possession or family heirloom goes to the right person, making sure a beloved person in your life who is not a family member receives something you would like for them to have, even disinheriting a family member you do not wish to provide for.

What it does not do however is give something the authority to pass the title of anything to anyone.  Your executor (the person you appoint to make sure the things in the will actually happen) does not have the authority to sign a title over, or distribute until the Court actually gives them that power.  That requires opening an expensive and public estate. 

So, you may find that a will, while a wonderful and useful tool, does not fully accomplish your estate planning goals.  Give our office a call to find out your options and if there are easier ways to pass your property to your loved ones!  (313) 945-9050.

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