What You Need to Know About A Medical Power of Attorney

Everything you want to know about a Medical Power of Attorney

First, what is a Medical Power of Attorney (also known as a Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, Advanced Directives, and other names).

It is a legal document giving someone you chose the authority to make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable to make them for yourself.

This document can save your loved ones the heartache and stress of trying to figure out what you wanted.  It also avoids the need for a guardianship, which is someone who is court appointed to make these decisions for you.  By planning ahead, you can remain in control of who has the power, exactly what power you want to give them, and even create contingency plans if they are unable or unwilling to act.  Compare that to the long, costly and uncertain possibility of having the Court oversee this process, and it begins to be clear what an important and powerful document this is.

However, beware! Some attorneys simply use a form and substitute the prior clients name for yours and churn out documents.  Set up an appointment with an attorney who cares to take the time to discuss with you exactly what you want to happen, when, and how, and help you create a Medical Power of Attorney that is done according to your plan and vision.  Call us at 313-945-9050 to get started

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