Top Foreclosure Attorney in Melvindale MI

At the Law Offices of Angela J. Ghannam, PLLC, we focus on creating solid bankruptcy solutions for our clients in need. We provide our clients with personalized service that you would expect from a small firm and the experience and professionalism you would expect from a large firm. Bankruptcy issues can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with. We dedicate ourselves to our clients on a level that others simply cannot match. Together, we can craft a powerful strategy for a brighter future for you.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Whether you have faced injury, divorce, job loss, or illness, the skilled team at the Law Offices of Angela J. Ghannam can guide you through your options and enact the best plan of action for you. To ensure a smooth financial future, we can help you lessen the negative impacts of bankruptcy with a strategy unique to your needs. We can help you eliminate many types of debts in as little as three months. No matter your situation, we strive to make sure your you and your assets are protected and secure.

We can help you with any of the following:
  • Stopping foreclosures and repossessions
  • Asset protection
  • Credit Issues
  • Protecting retirement funds

Client Testimonials

"Angela assisted me with a prenuptial agreement. She was very flexible, responsive and patient. She was also helpful in guiding and advising me in an area that I was totally unfamiliar with; explaining the information in a way that a non-lawyer like myself could understand."

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