Discover the Eight Mistakes Michigan Families Make When Paying for Long-Term Care (...and How You Can Avoid Them!)

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Caring for an aging loved one presents families with a host of difficult challenges -- highest on that list for many, of course, is "How are we going to pay for this without losing everything?" And with the cost of nursing home care in Michigan approaching $9,000 per month (...and even higher here in Southeast Michigan!), it's easy to see why.

That's why we decided it was so important to prepare this free report, "Understanding Medicaid - Helping Seniors and Their Families Cope with the High Cost of Long-Term Care." It's full of straightforward information and strategies that you can use to ensure that your loved one gets the best possible care while keeping more of your life's savings. And it's our gift to's just some of what you'll discover within:

  • The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid (...and What it Means for You)
  • Common Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Qualification for Medicaid
  • Why Giving Away Your Assets Can Create Headaches...Unless it's Done Just Right
  • How Spousal Protections Play an Important Role in Proper Planning
  • Why it's Almost Never Too Late to Plan...Regardless of Where Your Loved One is on The Elder Care Journey
  • ...and Much More!

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